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It all started with an earnest intent to help womenfolk understand that lingerie is equally important as the outfit and every woman has the right to demand her perfect fit. is the most fascinating on-line store catering to women’s lingerie market offering quality, elegant and comfortable lingerie.

Shyaway has grown from limited collections of bras, panties, swimwear, sleepwear, and intimate apparel and beyond with now collections of your favorites brands and product(s) being updated regularly. Today our collections & your choices are unlimited.


Today Shyaway has a huge assortment of lingerie with a wide size-range. At Shyaway, we help you shop with ease from our beautiful collection of bras, panties, sleepwear, sportswear, shape wear, leg wear, swimwear and accessories. Enjoy the unlimited benefits of discounts, sales and offers all times.

Our collection has something for every woman- for her every occasion. It provides complete lingerie shopping solutions with a wide range of fantastic collection that suits the needs of each and every woman out there. Our world class styling, comfort and fashion brings the inner goddess in you, loud and alive with a touch of glamour and style. Our timely delivery, discrete packaging and shipping across India helps us get closer to you than you can ever imagine. Your privacy is our priority. Hence we deliver your orders right to your doorstep by partnering only with reputed national courier companies.

WHAT WE DO is a unique online fashion destination visited by huge numbers of fashion-lovers every single day and our product(s) are truly unique for you to discover more of the fashion you love. We withstand to provide the most outstanding lingerie shopping experience for every customer.

We merchandise our own label and other renowned brands at Shyaway


Our Vision is to

  1. Make Indian women feel comfortable to talk candidly/freely about lingerie.
  2. To provide them with the best and widest of choices, making it easy for them to get their perfect lingerie.

Our brand is valued in terms of style, service and prices.

We are an original brand and we want to always look our best while going after our goals. We constantly stay contemporary and on trend.

Strong self confidence characterizes everything we do. We stick to our style and we deliver what you want.


Our strategy is pretty simple; we always give you only the best that comes with great fashion and affordability.

We are creating the best experience for our customers so they come back to us for all their lingerie needs.


We take almost care to create a personal shopping experience for each and every customers. We have the best possible collections of branded lingerie.

And, we also have designed our own brands that cater perfectly to the Indian lingerie market needs.

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Women who receive a happy purchase at receive more happiness in packages through various offers and discounts. Offers come and go based on different offers and seasons. So we are stable with the happiness and satisfaction of our customers through the discount coupons. The discount coupon is a bit of a good one that you keep with discounted prices for a particular product. Everyone is always looking for great deals every time they go shopping online and coupons have always been a smart choice to save their money. This kind of discount coupons are available in the price range. Shyaway helps customers with promotional codes during online shopping.



Shyaway is one of the largest online stores of Lingerie in India with an assortment of bra, panty, nightwear, shapewear, swimwear, sportswear and other fashionable accessories. Buy your favorite lingerie products and place them on your shopping list. So you can continue shopping and select how much you want in our store. The purchase of the best product from us will make you happy, while we offer you the best quality products from the best-known brands. We offer you with about 13 different brands for style, design, colors and offers. The coupons are one-off and are more useful. We offer our customers different offers for BH and Panty.


After buying or choosing your product, view your shopping list. Here you get the price, quantity and subtotal price for each product. If necessary, you can make changes in terms of size and quantity. On the right side of the site you will find the option of the discount code of the application. Below you will find the discount codes that are offered and you can choose any code, regardless of whether this is 10% flat or 15% flat discount. When you buy above Rs.500 / -, you are available with the 10% offer. If you buy above Rs.1099 / -, you are 15% off. We also reimburse you with other coupons such as 250% flat and 500% flat off. When you buy above Rs.1249 / you can opt for a discount of 250% and if your retail value is higher than Rs.2499 / – you can do this with a discount of 500%. It is important to note that all these discount coupons do not apply to sales, Twin Bird Leggings and for jockey products. Now you can apply the coupon code and click on the ‘Apply coupon’ option. If you want to save your discount voucher for your next purchase, you can cancel your voucher by clicking the ‘Cancel’ option. Below is a summary list for your purchases. Check the price of the subtotal, the reduced prices and then the shipping range. If you buy above Rs.749 / – or 750 / -, you will receive our free shipping service. Finally, check the final price you have to compensate. You will be surprised by the discount offers that are offered through our discount coupon. This discount voucher is a one-off payment. Place your orders now by clicking the “Insert Order” option.


You will then be directed to the page for the order confirmation or the payment page, where you must confirm your order. You can find the payment method; here you must enter your e-mail in the first column. If you are not familiar with shyaway, you must register your name and log in so that your discount voucher is applicable to your favorite choices. You can also shop in shyaway without being registered as a guest by clicking the ‘Continue as guest’ option. But discount coupons do not apply to guests. So fill in the shipping information correctly so that our shipping services are ready to deliver the product at the right time in the right place. Click on the “Send to this address” option and check your payment details. If you look at the payment list, you will receive the cash payment procedure, debit card or credit card and other payment methods. Your order is shipped quickly and delivered at the right time. We offer the right product safely, whether it is a babydoll or a bralette. For more information, contact our Shyaway customer service.


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